09:53 pm18

Red is for Danger (B7 slash fic)

09:59 pm18

Adult Humor Drabbles

10:01 pm

Postcards from a Primitive Planet (part 1 of 3)

10:33 pm

Postcards from a Primitive Planet (part 2 of 3)

10:42 pm

Postcards from a Primitive Planet (part 3 of 3)

10:50 pmNSFW

Injustice Machine (B7 slash implied)

10:57 pm18

Roped In (B7 explicit het)


11:01 pm18

Contagion (B7 explicit slash)


11:06 pm

Nesting (gen)

11:09 pm18

Snowgoose (slash)

11:11 pm18

A Long Drought, followed by a short Shower (slash explicit)


11:16 pm18

Avonhawke (crossover with Ladyhawke, slash implied)

11:46 pm18

Kinky when Wet (explicit slash)

11:52 pm18

Robellion (explicit slash)

11:57 pm18

Adult Concept Drabbles

12:00 am18

Aren't You Glad You Use Avon; Don't You Wish Everyone Did?

12:03 am

General Readership Drabbles (50 separate stories)

12:06 am18

Yesterday of Slave (explicit slash)

12:09 am18

The Prison of the Kiss (explicit slash)


12:13 am

Mad Dogs and Rebels (explicit slash)

12:19 am18

Mad Dogs (explicit slash)

12:23 am18

You takes your Choice (explicit slash)

12:28 am18

Night vision (explicit slash)

12:37 am18

While Incest is best (explicit slash)

12:39 am

Small Beginnings (General readers)

12:41 am18

Ups and Downs (Explicit Slash)

12:48 am

It's the little things (general readers)

12:49 am

No Kitten (general readers)

12:54 am

Animal Nature (general readers)

12:58 amNSFW

Overlooked (slash implied)

01:04 am18

Unstable Sun (implied slash)

11:19 am

I'm Coming to Gauda Prime Ha Haaa (general readers)

11:21 am18

Avon RPG fantasy (explicit slash)

11:22 am

Food of the Pods (General Readers)

11:28 am18

Bloom Where You're Planted (Explicit Het and Slash)

11:32 am18

Love me or Leave me (Explicit Slash)

11:50 am18

Solitaire (Explicit Slash)

11:55 am18

A Kiss in the Dark (slash implied)

12:01 pm18

Bulletproof Kisses (Implied Het)


12:04 pm

Widget Prose Poems


12:06 pm18

Same Lips, Different Words (slash implied)

12:10 pm

Kiss-Off (general readers)

12:15 pm18

A Real Man (adult concepts)

12:17 pm18

Domn it (explicit slash)


12:33 pm18

Urban Panther (explicit slash)

12:35 pm18

Evil Snippet Challenge (adult concepts)

12:42 pm18

Drabblematic Stories (very silly slash)

12:48 pm18

Cruising for a Bruising (slash)

01:00 pm18

Dream a little Dream (Slash)

01:05 pm

The Robe (implied slash)

01:09 pm18

Kerrmalion (explicit slash)

01:16 pm18

The Twisted Butterfly (Explicit Slash and Het)

01:22 pm18

Cold Comfort (explicit slash)

01:25 pm18

Ice Cream Sandwich (explicit het, implied slash)

01:30 pm18

'Ships that Pass in the Night (part 1) (implied slash)

01:50 pm18

'Ships that Pass in the Night (part 2) (explicit slash)

01:59 pm18

Tame Rabbit (explicit slash)

02:10 pm18

Shrine (Implied Slash)

02:24 pm18

Life Bites (explicit slash)

02:26 pm

The Devil You Know (general readers)

02:45 pm18

A Flight of Angels (explicit slash)

07:15 pm

Bearing Revenge (general readers)

07:21 pm18

The Choice that Is No Choice (explicit slash)

07:26 pm

Bard Code (general readers)

07:30 pm

Cured of the Bindings (gen. crossover)

07:32 pm18

Crack of Doom (slash, etc.) (part 1 of 2)

07:39 pm18

Crack of Doom part 2 of 2 (slash, etc.)

07:55 pm18

Doubled the Lord (implied slash)

07:59 pm18

B/A in Entropy House Anagrams (slash?)

08:00 pm

Venting Spleen (general readers)

08:05 pm18

Kiss it Better (slash)


08:08 pm

New Day Dawning (general readers)

08:13 pm

Conned Again (general readers)

08:30 pm

A Little Chess (general readers)

08:31 pm

Words Can Harm Me (general readers)

08:34 pm18

Stocking Stuffer (slash)

08:38 pm

Serious Undertaking (general readers)

08:41 pm

The Secret (general readers)

08:44 pm

Escape (general readers)

08:46 pm

Real Men (general readers)

08:48 pm

Technical Difficulties (general readers)

08:50 pm

Fluffy (general readers)

09:00 pm18

Old Age and Treachery (implied het)

09:54 pm18

Snakes (both slash and het implied)

09:56 pm18

Feeling a bit of a heel (mildly kinky sex)

10:05 pm18

Dogged Pursuit (Kinky Slash)

10:11 pm18

White Bear (explicit slash)

10:20 pm

Vino (general readers)

10:22 pm

In The Dark (general readers)

10:24 pm

Lullaby (general readers)

10:29 pm

At Night's End (general readers)

10:32 pm

Blood Feud (general readers)

10:35 pm

Medusa Agitprop (It's an anagram) or Deus ex Machina (general readers)

10:51 pm

Haiku (general readers)


10:53 pm

Savonophagus (general readers)

11:02 pm

Persistence of Memory (part 1 of 2) (general readers)

11:12 pm

Persistence of Memory (part 2 of 2) (general readers)

11:20 pm

Evermore (general readers)

11:23 pm

Horseshoe Nail (general readers)

11:26 pm

Honesty (general readers)

03:23 pm

Cynical and Unresponding (general readers)

03:33 pm18

Hot Water (implied het)

03:36 pm18

SofA, So Good (explicit slash)

03:40 pm18

High Bred (Implied Slash)

03:42 pm

The Apple Didn't Leap Far From The Tree (general readers)

03:46 pm18

Cage Match (explicit slash)

03:53 pm

Dayna Sings Soprano (general readers)

04:02 pm18

Universal Mastery (both Het and Slash implied)

04:11 pm

Pirate Day (general readers)

04:13 pm18

It's All Pants (explicit slash)

04:16 pm

Real Ale (general readers)

04:23 pm

Blake's Even (general readers)

04:55 pm

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight (general readers)

05:00 pm18

All Data is Useful (Explicit Slash)

05:08 pm

The Bawd of Avon (explicit slash)

05:10 pm18

Sexy Drabbles (some merely insinuate)

05:49 pm18

Bedside Manner (Implied Slash)

05:55 pm18

Fair Trading (implied Het)

05:58 pm18

Scars (explicit het)

06:05 pm18

Habits die hard (explicit het)

06:09 pm

In a Pet (general readers)

06:13 pm18

Getting to the Bottom of Things (explicit slash, implied het)

06:20 pm

Hello Avon meets My Little Pony (General Readers)

06:22 pm18

When Worlds Collide (explicit slash) (part 1 of 3)

06:26 pm18

When Worlds Collide 2 of 3 (explicit slash)

06:30 pm18

When Worlds Collide 3 of 3 (explicit slash)

07:37 pm

A Man of Many Hats (general readers)

07:39 pm

Sand-Blasted (general readers)

08:48 pm18

Overthrown (implicit het)

08:49 pm18

Comparative Literature (Implied Slash)

08:53 pm18

Aurons Prefer Blondes (explicit slash)

08:59 pm

Three-Way Switch (general readers)

09:28 pm

Inheritance (general readers-it's very short)

09:36 pm

Innocence (general readers)

09:37 pm

Criss-Cross-Crash (general readers)

10:05 pm

General Readership Drabbles, page 2 (50 separate fics)

10:16 pm

Bottled Up (general readers)

10:19 pm18

Divide to Multiply (implied het and slash)

10:23 pm

Snaking Around In the Liberator (general readers)

10:26 pm18

Fun With Dick and Jenna (implied slash and het)

10:32 pm

Arctic Pale and the Last of the Seven (Extreme slash and kinks)

10:53 pm18

Kerrcula (explicit slash)

11:08 pm18

Butt (explicit slash)

11:26 pm

Funny Business (general readers)

11:36 pm18

Things are Infinitely Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine (explicit slash)

11:45 pm18

He that Diggeth a Pit* (explicit slash)

11:49 pm18

Delicate Appetite (explicit slash)

11:58 pm18

Puppy Love (explicit slash)

12:01 am18

Safe Sex (explicit slash)

12:07 am

A Tale Unfolds (general readers)

12:21 am

Happy Landing on a Chocolate Bar (general readers)

12:24 am

Fair Trade (general readers) (Sequel is missing.)

12:28 am18

Putting a Good Face on the Situation (slash implied)

12:34 am18

Beauty is in the Faceted Eye of the Beholder (explicit slash)

12:41 am18

It's a Gamble (explicit slash)

12:45 am18

Blake Eggs On Avon (implied slash)

12:50 am

The Blake Bird (general readers)

12:55 am18

Crew Affairs (explicit slash)

10:13 am

Berried Alive (general readers)

10:15 am18

Sextet (explicit slash)

10:33 am

Buyers, Funds and Irony (part 1 of 4) (general readers)

10:36 am

Buyers, Funds and Irony (part 2 of 4) (general readers)

10:38 am

Buyers, Funds and Irony (part 3 of 4) (general readers)

10:40 am

Buyers, Funds and Irony (part 4 of 4) (general readers)

11:58 am

All Wool (general readers)

11:59 am18

Adjustment (AU Slash implied)

12:01 pm

Blake's 7 Light Bulb Jokes

12:03 pm18

Trouble in Reaver City (B7/Firefly crossover) (Rated SQUICK- it's got reavers in it.)

12:05 pm

Fools (slash implied)

01:40 pm18

Fools Walk In (B7 ficlette--slash implied)

01:46 pm18

The Sufficiently Advanced Technology Laserprobe (slash implied)

02:10 pm18

Are Made of This (mild slash)

02:14 pm

Request (Gen)

02:20 pm

Binding Promises (Gen)

02:25 pm18

Do it Yourself (slash strongly implied)

02:31 pm18

The Hunting of the Snark (slash implied)

02:39 pm

How to get a Wish from a Genie (gen)

02:42 pm18

Wrong Under It All (extremely mild slash)

02:51 pm18

The Weakness of the Socratic Method (Slash)

02:59 pm18

Floor (slash)


03:08 pm18

In the Closet (B7 slash fic)

03:10 pm18

Sometimes It All Seems so Pointless (implied slash)

03:21 pm18

Twisted (B/A slash)

04:02 pm18

A Match Made in Hell (B/A slash, a bit kinky)

04:19 pm

General Readership Drabbles, page 3

04:45 pm18

Still in the Dark (slash vaguely implied)

04:49 pm

Other Worlds, Other Customs (gen, slash hinted)

04:58 pm

To The Bone (B7 Fic, slash...well only a kiss)

05:04 pm18

Support (B7 fic, slash, etc.)

05:41 pm18

What Dreams May Come (B7 fem-slash)

05:51 pm

Reunion (B7 fic- Gen)

07:09 pm18

Bear Market (B7 crackfic, with sexy overtones, but no nookie)

07:23 pm

Holiday Spirit (B7 fic, Gen)

08:11 pm

New Year's Eve on the Liberator (gen B7 story)

08:12 pm18

On the Other Hand, Caught Between a Rock (slash)

08:14 pm18

Warming Up (slash)

08:27 pm18

Vila takes a shot at it (slash)

08:31 pm18

Seven Minutes in Heaven (Het implied)

08:40 pm18

Toothy (slash)

09:00 pm18

Scratch Where it Itches (het)

09:11 pm18

Dressing Right (Slash)

09:19 pm18

Drunk on Love (Cracky Slash)

09:21 pm18

Unicorn Sofa (Cracky Slash)

09:23 pm18

Tanked (Slash)

09:25 pm18

Going Native (Slash)

09:27 pm18

Making a Clean Breast of It (Slash)

09:29 pm

Rye Tail (Gen-Humor)

09:31 pm18

Reunion (Slash implied)

09:36 pm18

Time Censored (Vulgar Language)

09:43 pm18

Cats Don't Bark (Slash implied)

09:48 pm18

Finders Keepers (Implied Het and Implied Slash)

10:28 pm

Coming Clean: An Excess of Soap ( Gen Crackfic)

10:45 pm

Landing on your Feet (Gen)

10:47 pm

Blake's 7 and Counting (Gen)

10:48 pm18

A Little Chat (Slash)

10:50 pm18

High Caliber (Gen)

10:57 pm

A Tall Tale (very mildly slashy)

11:02 pm18

Stolen Fruit is Always Sweeter (Slash)

11:04 pm

Fallingsky.com (Gen)

11:08 pm18

Being Groomed (Slash)


11:11 pm

Furry Friend (Gen)

11:18 pm

Following Another Star (Gen)

11:25 pm18

Unreality (Slash)

11:32 pm

Stray Thoughts (Gen)

11:35 pm

A Fluffy Tale (Gen)

11:42 pm

Wild, Wild Tech (Gen)

11:43 pm

Dragon in the Cabbages (Gen crossover)

11:48 pm18

Questing (Crossover with Drake's Venture)

02:25 pm

Brothers (Gen)

03:00 pm

Sticky Post

03:04 pm

Tagging and Memories Explanatory Post

04:14 pm18

Free Love (slash implied)


04:50 pm

Computers: Can't Live Without Them (General readers)

07:02 pmNSFW

Hidden Thoughts (B7 fic, genISH, about 460 words)

07:20 pmNSFW

Hardly a Honeymoon (B7 crackfic about 1,450 words)

07:32 pmNSFW

Not Quite What You Wished (Slash implied)

07:51 pm

Cold-Hearted (B7 gen crackfic around 460 words)

08:01 pmNSFW

Avon's Avocation* (B7 genish)

08:56 pm

Binary Tree (B7 Crackfic, gen)

09:13 pmNSFW

Stockings Were Hung (B7 fic, slash implied)

09:29 pm

Starblake Atlantis (158 words)

10:33 pmNSFW

Lifting Spirits (Addam's Family crossover, implied slash&het)

10:47 pm

WHO? (Dr. Who gen crossover)

11:13 pm

First you Separate Two Eggheads (B7/SGA gen crossover)

02:27 pm

Friendly Fire (gen)

02:51 pm

Walk on the Wild Side (gen, 215 words)

04:49 pmNSFW

Unofficial Fanfic category coding symbols (Just for fun)

06:22 pm

The Phibian from Aristo (mild horror, really gen)

06:40 pmNSFW

Remembering Gauda Prime Day (slash implied)

06:47 pmNSFW

Domesticity Meme: Blake and Avon (not a story, slash implied)


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