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Written for the Blakes 7 Birthday Buffet ficathon.

Another Kairopan spider writhed and dissolved. Jarriere winced. "Tis nae a pleasant way to spend a fine afternoon." He moved fastidiously away from the melting black mound of big bug bits.

"We'll have a picnic afterward," Rashel said, while looking down to check the setting on Imipak. "You just keep shooting the spiders with the key."

"I dinna understand how this can be a key. It dinna open ennything." Jarriere key-shot another spider that had been drawn to the pyramid of Kairopan chunks set in the middle of the clearing. He averted his eyes as Rashel used Imipak to slime it.

"It's going to open up this world to us." Rashel's eyes burned with determination. "Roj died because he thought all life was sacred. He was too slow to use Imipak against the troopers Servalan sent with you, but with the money from the Kairopan I'll make her pay."

Jarriere winced again. "Still, it seems a pity to kill all these beasties... won't it do something or other to the environment?"

"I don't care if Kairos turns into a desert." Rashel frowned at Jarriere. "I spared you because you promised to obey me. Get on with it. There's another one."

The spider Rashel indicated sat back awkwardly on its hindmost set of legs. It said, reproachfully, "Rashel, don't you know me?" It moved its first pair of legs in a familiar gesture. "Stop this slaughter, my love. All life is linked."

Rashel cried out and struck Jarriere's hand up so he key-shot an oak tree instead of the spider. "Roj?"

"Yes, it's me." The spider waved its forelegs. "Could you pass me a piece of Kairopan; I'm very hungry."

Jarriere fainted when Rashel ran up to the spider and kissed it on the mandibles. When he roused later, Rashel was leaning up against Roj-spider, with a happy, sated look on her face, feeding it tidbits of Kairopan. Jarriere heard clicking noises above his head, and nearly fainted again when he realized another giant spider was noisily eating Kairopan while holding him on its 'lap'.

Rashel turned her beaming face towards Jarriere. "The spiders are reincarnated clones!"

The spider that held Jarriere stroked him and thought, "We will have revenge on Servalan. You will help."

Jarriere yelped and cringed. "This beastie talked in me mind!"

"Yes," Roj-spider said, after wiping Kairopan fragments from its mouth. "We've had a planet-load of telepaths dumped on us recently."

"My name is Cally," said the spider holding Jarriere. "I died alone, but not silent."

"Oh." Jarriere looked at the host of spiders slowly gathering around them. "Tha's nice. I think. No offense." He shook his head. "I dinna understand. Does everybody turn into Kairos Spiders? There's an awful lot of people in the universe. They canna all fit on one planet."

"No, of course not," Roj-spider said. "Only clones."

"What do other people turn into then?" Jarriere resigned himself to life with spiders but was glad he wouldn't become one after dying.

Rashel smiled and played with Roj's antennae. "Rats."

(for this story I used prompt #25. Rashel and Jarriere find the secret to life, the universe, and everything on Kairos.)


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