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Written for the Blakes 7 Birthday Buffet Ficathon

"Don't look!" Gan said in an agonized whisper, clutching at Blake's arm.

Blake subsided, slumping to the floor beneath Gan's bed once more. He whispered, "How will we know when they're gone, then?"

"I can hear them." Gan shuddered, shaking Blake's arm with the force of it. "The things they say... wicked, cruel things. Things they want me to do." He turned his head towards Blake, which Blake could only tell from the change in his voice. It was darker than the inside of a Monopasium mine. "Crushing, ripping... oh, the blood, Blake," his voice was low and guttural. "Painting obscenities with my hands all red..."

"Avon will have the lights on in a moment," Blake said steadily. "They'll go away then."

"Will they, will they really?" Gan's fingers tightened even more on Blake's arm. He had always known how strong Gan was, but it had been an intellectual awareness, rather than a visceral feeling. Now, with the tendons crushed against the bone, Blake's arm was screaming that Gan wasn't human.

But he was, as human as Blake. Blake's monsters spoke to him constantly, but their voices were sly little whispers, suggestions, ideas from the pits of hell, all justified by the evil the Federation had already done to him and to multitudes more.

"Yes, they will. Monsters can't stand the light."

"That's true," Gan said. His fingers relaxed slightly, and Blake bit his lip to prevent himself crying out as the rush of blood to his arm awakened numbed nerve endings. "Why is that, Blake?" Gan sounded childlike now.

"Because they can see themselves. See how ugly they are. It makes them ashamed."

"Yes. Yes, it does." Light flared, flickered and then held steady. Blake let out a sigh of relief as Gan's fingers opened. "It's all right now, they've gone."

"Yes." Gan followed Blake out from under the bed, and stood, staring at him blankly for a long moment. Then he rubbed the back of his head and grimaced. "What we were doing under my bed, Blake?"

"Hiding from monsters." Blake smiled.

(I used prompt # 87. Blake and Gan are stranded underneath the bed, hiding from monsters.)


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