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(note: I couldn't draw good ponies, so I Harvested some.)

Hello Avon played with little Ted by himself.

He could have played with his friends, but they said they were taking the Hello,Goodbye See You Later to a limestone quarry for a wrestling match with Hello Troopers and Hello Avon had done that last week and lost two studs from his best jacket, so he said he had a headache and stayed home.

Hello Avon locked Hello Orac

so that Hello Vila couldn't find his secret recipe for Hello Jello if he came back unexpectedly, which he probably would, because the weather reports said it was going to rain in the quarry and then he went for a walk with little Ted.

Just for a change of pace, he turned right at the Hello Hommicks camp, instead of left, and found himself walking into a valley he had never seen before. It had flowers and trees, and pretty ponies everywhere. He walked up to the nearest ponies. "Hello! I am Hello Avon."

"Hello," the green pony said. "I am Juniper and this is my friend, Thundercat."

Hello Avon was shocked. "You mean you are Hello Juniper and Hello Thundercat."

"Oh, no. We're not Hellos. You must have wandered out of your proper universe."

Hello Avon turned around, but the path back home was gone. He hugged little Ted, and was very sad. Even though he didn't want to play with his friends today, that didn't mean he didn't want to play with them ever again. His little nose twitched as he thought about crying. And then he thought about Hello Orac, and was even sadder.

The ponies were upset, too. "You mustn't cry. No one cries in My Litle PonyLand."

"We're not supposed to in HelloLand, either." Hello Avon's voice wobbled and he hugged little Ted harder.

Another little pony trotted up. "Someone is unhappy in Little Pony Land?"

"Yes, Luxor," Thundercat said. "Hello Avon can't find his way home to HelloLand."

Hello Avon admired Luxur's clothes- blue leather with claws! He would make a suit like that... no, he wouldn't. He couldn't get home, to his computer, or his wardrobe room or... Two big tears welled up in his eyes.

"OH NO! Emergency, emergency!" Luxor shouted. "Hello Avon mustn't cry!" All the ponies came running and leaping and swimming and hopping and crawling and flying to gather around Hello Avon.

The ponies formed a committee to study the emergency and decide what to do. Hello Avon sat on the grass and sniffed. A big pony snorted and nudged Hello Avon with his nose.

"My name is Hades."

Hello Avon eyed the pony's sword with misgivings. "I don't think you should be playing with that."

The pony snorted again. "Look, if it weren't for me, these wimps would be invaded by barbarians and hauling coal-carts tomorrow." He rolled his eyes. "Sometimes you need someone who isn't sweet to get the job done. Get on my back." Hades spread his wings. "I'll fly you home."

Hello Avon scrambled on top of Hades, and clung tightly as the pony flew out of the valley and landed him right next to Hello Orac. "Thank you, Hades!" Hello Avon said, and waved goodbye as the pony flew away again.

When the rest of the Hellos returned, Hello Blake asked what Hello Avon had been doing all day. Hello Blake was a little grumpy, because it had rained in the quarry and ruined the after-wrestling picnic.

Hello Avon smiled and answered Hello Blake, "Just a little horsing around."


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