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Word Count:656

When rubbish is thrown out in space behind a drifting vehicle, it tends to stay with the vehicle. After rescuing Blake and Jenna from suffocation aboard the small alien vessel by capturing it in the hold of the Liberator, Avon happened to look down at just the right instant to catch a gleam of light off something small and brightly coloured.

It was a bottle, made of baked clay, inlaid with many coloured pieces of glass and stoppered with a cork covered with red wax impressed with an intricate bit of calligraphy. It was intriguing, to say the least. It was also alien and potentially hazardous.

When Blake went down to the planet, Avon became bored. Trapped by the web Avon had nothing to do, so he analyzed the bottle and its contents as best he could without actually opening it. It appeared to be empty, and yet it weighed more than he thought it should. If, as seemed logical, it had come from the alien ship, it was unlikely to contain harmful microorganisms.

After thinking it over, he shrugged and extracted the cork. Dense purple smoke poured out of the bottle. Avon leaped back, dropping it and regretting his curiosity.

The purple smoke solidified into a pillar which thickened even more, shifting and changing until a humanoid alien so huge his turban-clad head brushed the ceiling glared down at Avon. "You have released me, mortal, from my thousand year imprisonment! In gratitude, I grant you time to make your peace with your god before I slay you!" With a theatrical wheep it drew a gleaming scimitar out of nowhere and whirled it overhead.

"Ah. That's not exactly what I'd call gratitude." Avon backed up, but the creature was between him and the exit.

"It's been a long time since I've killed anything." The thing grinned at him. "Would you prefer me to dissolve your bones inside your hide?"

"Not as such; no."

"Then cleanse your soul and prepare to die!"

"I don't have a god. Would you kill me with a tarnished soul?"

"If you are an unbeliever, then that is how you shall perish." The sword burst into flames and angled towards Avon.

"Wait! If you're not giving me time to cleanse my soul, at least you can ease my curiosity."

The sword halted. "That is reasonable. Ask one question mortal, but do not take too long, my hunger for slaughter grows."

"How could you have fit in that bottle? Even transmuted into gas, the sheer volume of your molecules couldn't possibly have been enclosed in that."

"It is magic, mortal! Millennia agone, the great Sulieman bin Dauod, upon whose name be peace, didst order all the rebellious djinn into bottles such as that, and sealed them with his sigil, that we durst not pass!"

"That sounds very pretty, but it is totally meaningless."

"Verily, there is an entire universe inside that bottle! All that I might desire is there for the mere wish, all save freedom, and mortals to slay!"

Avon laughed. "Prove it."

The djinn drew himself up, face reddening with rage. "Thou doubt my word?"

"I do."

"Then I shall prove it!" The djinn glared at Avon.

Avon had time for one yelp of surprise before he felt himself changed into a stream of silver smoke and sucked down into the bottle. There was a *pop* as the djinn put the cork back in and set the bottle down on Avon's desk before going off to kill troopers and ravish the obviously djinn female, Servalan, that he'd glimpsed in Avon's thoughts.

Avon landed on his back on a soft bed and stared around in surprise. He was back in his flat on Earth, surrounded by all the small luxuries he'd once owned.

"Chesku granted the annulment! Oh, Avon, we can be together, always!" Anna threw herself into Avon's arms.


Avon was quite annoyed when Blake released him from the bottle.


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