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(gen Merry Ficmas story for [ profile] quarryquest)

Vila didn't like large furry aliens, but small furry animals with big brown eyes, that sat up and put a tiny pink hand with really cute pink toes out of its cage when he passed it were something else. He had fellow feeling for even an imprisoned rat and this one seemed to be begging for its freedom.

It was the work of an instant to unlock the cageā€”and why put a lock on a cage-- who was going to steal a tailless, fluffy, short-nosed rat? Must be some sort of mutant the lab had created. "Go on, run off now," Vila told the creature, but it looked at him with those big brown eyes and put one tiny pink hand on his sleeve. "MMM... well... all right, but if you bite me, that's the end of it, I'll leave you to fend for yourself." He picked it up, gingerly. His previous experience of rodents had involved sharp teeth and nasty squeals and beady eyes glowing in the dark. This animal made a soft noise and tickled the palm of his hand with its whiskers before he slid it into a pocket.

Then the mission got complicated and far too exciting and he was back on Liberator and in his cabin before he remembered the mutant rat. He picked it out of his pocket and put it on his bed. "Well, go on, there's always rats on a ship. What's one more. Find a friend, why don't you?" He went to take a shower, but when he returned he found the mutant rat had made a nest out of his pillow and was sleeping with one pink paw over its little face. Vila sighed. "All right, I suppose you feel you're too good to associate with the rest of the rats. You're an Alpha rat, that's what you are." He grinned and picked up the chewed up pillow, and set it on the floor along with the rat. "I think I'll call you ...Kerry." He put a dish with water and another dish with some nibbles he had around the room down next to it, and then he went to sleep on his pillowless bed.

The com system woke Vila far too early. He staggered over to it, remembering just in time not to step on Kerry who was sitting in the dish of nibbles, stuffing his face comically full. "What?" Vila leaned with eyes closed against the com.

"Vila, are you all right?" Cally's voice sounded urgent.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You woke me up for that?"

"Avon's sick. The two of you were in the same lab. I was afraid you might have picked up whatever he did."

"Sick? Well, the medical unit will take care of it, won't it?" There was silence at the other end of the com. "Won't it?"

"No. We're going to have to go back and break in to get the antidote."

"But... they'll be on full alert!"

"We haven't any choice. Orac found out they're using animals to spread a plague."

Vila looked with horror at Kerry.

"Were they using rats?"


Vila gingerly picked up the dish and carried Kerry to the lab. "It's not your fault, I know." He put the dish down on the table. "I'm sorry. Can you make it quick?"

"Vila!" Cally ran over to him and kissed him on the cheek. "You're a genius! How did you know the hamster was carrying the antibodies?" She gently picked up Kerry and took a small sample of blood, before putting the hamster back on the dish. "I'll just run this through the sampler and it will create enough to save Avon."

Vila looked down at Kerry, and then over at Avon who was watching him with feverish eyes. Vila smiled. "Well, everyone knows a Kerr's best friend is his hamster."


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