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No one ever bought the yellow water bowls, so Vila figured it wouldn't be any loss giving them to the animals no one wanted, either. Be a nice change for them from the salvaged tins and buckets he'd been using. He had his arms full when he heard the entrance chime. He turned and dropped them all over the floor, rolling through the sawdust and woodchips.

"Kerril? Is that you? Really you?"

"Yes, Vila, it's me, really me." The blonde woman put down the rabbit cage she was carrying and put her arms around him. She hugged him and held him tightly.

"How did you find me? Oh, Kerril, I wish I'd gone with you."

"I know, Vila, it's all right." She released Vila and stepped back. She smiled at him. "Everything's all right, now that I'm here."

"Yes, yes it is." Vila picked up the bowls and went into the back room to distribute them among the other strays he'd found. He often wandered in the woods after that last terrible day looking for things he'd lost. He heard a noise and looked behind him. His face lit up. "Kerril!"

"Yes, Vila," Soolin said patiently.


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