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(There are a few more details in my profile.)

Tags that begin ** are adult. Each letter is an abbreviation
A(adult is the first letter)

next may be S for sexual content, V for graphic violence or P for excessive profanity.

If the story has a sex-rating then next H will stand for (heterosexual)male/female. S (slash) male/male, F (femme-slash) female/female

if the story has a sex-rating the final letter will either be I for implied, or E for explicit.

Tags that begin * refer to type, including Adult (where adult content is not because of sex)/Alternate Reality, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Drabble, General Readers (nothing Adult),Poetry, Pictures and Story Length, and more...

Tags that begin .. refer to characters having a close, but not sexual, relationship.

Tags that begin . and include / refer to characters having a sexual relationship- possibly merely implied, possibly explicit.

Tags that are a character's name refers to the character having a significant (but not sexual) role in the post.

All the following characters are abbreviated to first initial in tags:
Avon, Blake, Cally, Dayna, Gan, Jenna, Orac, Soolin, Tarrant, Vila, Zen
These are abbreviated by the first two initials:
Servalan, Slave, Travis

If you wish to look for a story by title, use the Memories. This is a direct link to the memories Sorted by Title.

Note: If the story is extremely short, it may not be listed by title, but would be part of one of the multiple story Drabble posts. In that case, use the Drabble tag to locate the story in one of the Drabble collections. The titles are all before the cut, so you can check them out fairly quickly.


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