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this was a prize for [ profile] ultrapsychobrat for guessing the secret project I was working on at the time. (217 words)

"You owe me." Avon's words rang clearly against the hum and beep and varied other noises of the medical equipment hooked up to Blake.

Blake looked at Avon. His mouth moved, but no sound emerged. One of the rebels brought him water. With an obvious effort, Blake sipped and then used his eyes to indicate he'd had enough. He whispered, "You want to collect now."

Avon shrugged, as best he could in the heavy leather restraint jacket he wore. The rebels holding him tightened their grips. "There hardly seems likely to be a better time."

Blake almost smiled at that. "Impeccable... timing... as always... Avon."

"Blake," the doctor said, "you should be resting."

Blake's glance was enough to make the doctor back away. "Release... him."

"But he damn near killed you!" One of the rebels holding Avon protested.

Blake sighed. "Friendly fire happens."

Avon flinched visibly.

"Release him. Let him go."

Blake closed his eyes, exhausted. He heard scuffling and grumbling and then the sound of a heavy leather restraint hitting the floor. "Go... where ever you... want, Avon."

There was a scraping noise. Blake opened his eyes to see Avon sitting in a chair beside his bed. "This is where I want to be, Blake." Slowly, Avon reached out and laid his hand on Blake's shoulder.


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