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Avon woke up snarling. Bad enough this world's Circe had turned him into a panther, but couldn't he even be left to nap in peace? Another nut landed on his head and he looked up into the branches at the gray squirrel bouncing from twig to twig. I wouldn't push my luck if I were you, Vila.

What are you going to do? You haven't got hands.
Vila held another nut teasingly.

I've got these. Avon showed his fangs.

Um, here Cally, this is for you. Vila gave the nut to the African gray parrot perched next to him.

Quit squabbling. We've got to find Blake, Jenna said irritably. It took Avon a moment to see the green and purple spotted chameleon clinging to the tree beside Vila.

Yes, yes, fulfill the quest and get back to normal. Avon's tail twitched irritably as he sat up. Brush crackled. Avon turned to see a heavily maned lion. There you are.

And there you are. The lion seemed to smile as he moved closer.

A massive black paw swatted the lion in the head. Blake, the lion growled before closing its one yellow eye as it slumped, unconscious.

Blake pushed his shaggy bear body into the clearing. Don't you know better than to talk to strangers, Avon?


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