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Please bear in mind that the sex-rating tags must serve two purposes- to warn those who wish to avoid any hint of that type of sex, and to attract those who prefer that type of story. For that reason a story may be rated sexy when it's fairly innocent to my mind. I hope that does not disappoint those looking for juicy bits. There are plenty of them, I promise.

Currently this archive is heavy on A/B for two reasons. Avon is the reason I care about Blake's 7 and Blake is the one with whom he has the most dramatic relationship. And people who love A/B have been appreciative.

b7 haiku

See the shiny studs
Does Kerr Avon love Roj Blake?
Leather squeaks madly

Note: I've combined a lot of drabbles/extremely short stories into a few posts, so they'll only be searchable under drabble.


If you dislike being told too many things about a story ahead of time, look using the calendar and click on 'subject' for any month that has posts. You will see the titles, and a minimal description. Or you can use the long, short, and drabble tags to select stories by length & try not to look at the other tags.

Tags have been used to classify things in a number of ways. Memories have been used primarily so you may look for things alphabetically, using the memory 'title' and 'sort by description'.

A note: A tag for a character's name only means they're important to the story as in: Vila. If their initial is combined with another character that means there's a relationship (likely friendship) as in: ..AB. If their initials are connected with a backslash, the relationship is sexual to some degree as in: A/C. (also looking at the sex rating will guide you, here.)

The adult categories follow this system:

If it's difficult to define why I feel it inappropriate for immature minds it will be labeled Adult Content. Otherwise it will be abbreviated:

The first letter (A) indicates Adult.

the second letter indicates the basic reason for calling it adult (P- excessive profanity, S-sexual content to some degree and V-graphic violence) If I've already rated it adult for sex, I probably won't also rate it for profanity.
The sex categories can be further defiined as: H=Heterosexual(male and female) sex content, S=Slash (male/male) content, F=(female/female) content and SF=(both m/m and f/f) content.

If there is an E at the end, it stands for Explicit. If there is an I at the end, it stands for Implied.

Basic Setting:

PWP (Stories set before the episode The Way Back)
PGP (Stories set after the episode Blake)
AU: The story is in the B7 universe, but veers from canon in some way.
AR: The characters are B7 avatars in another universe entirely
(some stories are set in the B7 universe, but the characters have changed drastically- rather than make a new category, I tag them as AU and as AR.)
Crossover: B7 universe and another. List the other universe
Short fic
Medium (you have to scroll, but it's less than one post)
Long (it's one story in more than one post)
Poetry (this includes songs and prose-poems as well as traditional poetry)
Squick (covers a wide range of possible ick. Impossible to define.)

I don't really think sorting it by seasons is useful. (Ok, for spoilers, but you know, it ended in 1981! I just don't want to do it. If you're unwilling to risk reading a story that by inference may hint at what happens in an episode you haven't seen then you may want to wait until you've seen all the episodes before exploring this archive.)


General readership (nothing adult in nature)
A (Adult, subdivided into
:AS (sexual content) ASH (m/f sex content) ASS (slash sex content-m/m) ASF (slash sex content-f/f) ASSF (both m/m and f/f) Adult concepts- whatever I think inappropriate for an immature reader) AP (profanity) AV (violent content)

(I may be more specific and add 'implied' or 'explicit' to any of the sex categories. That is an 'i' or an 'e' will be added to the end as in ASSe or ASSi)

Main Characters in the Story:

All the following can be abbreviated to first initial:
Avon, Blake, Cally, Dayna, Gan, Jenna, Orac, Soolin, Tarrant, Vila, Zen
These can be abbreviated by the first two initials:
Servalan, Slave, Travis

Other characters occur too infrequently for Abbreviation
Original Characters who have a significant role should be Orig.Char.
Crossover Characters who have a significant role should be Cross. Char.
Minor Characters should be Minor Char.

And of course (This one only works in memories):

Hopefully, once you get the hang of my system it will be helpful.

Here's an example:

This is the tagging on one story:
**asse, *alternate universe, *humor, *medium length, ..a/b, gan, vila

Which means:

Avon and Blake have explicit sex in an alternate universe, in a medium length funny story where Gan and Vila have significant roles, but don't get any nookie.
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