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a First Kiss for [ profile] jaxomsride who said 'As Avon and Tarrant usually get the girl, how about Vila and Servalan.'

Vila had one arm around Tarrant, dragging him out of the collapsing base, the other arm around the rung of the ladder, when he heard it. The teleport? Liberator was still intact? He didn't have time to think about it after that because he also heard the rumbles of explosions moving towards the base's main power plant, and Cally's despairing cry for Blake.

He flung himself over Tarrant, protecting him from the debris.

"Oh, how charming, you can be a hero."

Vila looked up, startled. "Servalan! What are you doing here!" He scrambled to his feet.

Servalan glided to him, smooth as a snake in the grass. She smiled. "You neglected to mention that the Liberator was... shall we say... not in the best of condition." One scarlet finger traced a line down his cheek.

"That's your fault, you know! You dangled Blake in front of Avon and made him drag us all here, right through a... well, whatever it was, it rotted the ship!"

"I could hardly have known that, Vila! You can't imagine I wanted the ship destroyed. I'm as stranded here as you are."

"Eh? What about that ship Dayna and Avon went to...oh." Vila glared at her. "It wasn't enough blowing up Cally and Tarrant, was it?"

Servalan smiled. "Now it's just us." She moved closer still, her eyes huge and golden. "I've always liked you, Vila. You're not like the others."

Vila stared at her open-mouthed. She pressed against him, all soft and smelling of expensive perfume, her dress rustling. Her lips descended on his.

Vila sighed and put his arms around her. And then he jumped back, holding her ice-crystal knife in his hands, nervously. "Oh, now, that wasn't very friendly. Why don't you go play with the links?"

Servalan snarled and tensed. Vila threw the knife into the underbrush. "What do you want to bet you killed Dayna and Avon? They're not like me, trusting and friendly, you know. I bet they'll be back. And if it's only one of them back, that'll be worse for you. They sort of compete over who should have the honour of killing you."

Servalan stood up straight. "It won't do you any good to tell them I'm here."

"Eh, I know that." Vila watched as Servalan strode off. He shrugged. No doubt she would be rescued. Not that he cared at the moment. He was just too tired and depressed. He sat down next to Tarrant and studied the earrings he'd lifted from Servalan during the kiss. "Very tacky." He shook his head and pocketed them.

Note: Yes, I know the timing is wrong. Servalan teleported before the explosions on the base. It's a slight AU, ok, in which Liberator held out a bit longer. Or, you could go with [ profile] jaxomsride's hypothesis that a sudden power surge at the time of teleportation sent Servalan through time.


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