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Conned Again (general readers)
(500 words)

Blake came back from Freedom City groaning about how miserable the teleport had been. He staggered to his room, dragging various well-worn carrier bags containing reams of badly copied subversive literature he had picked up from the nun at the costume party following Krantor's abdication as Ruler of the Galaxy in favour of The Klute.

It had been fairly obvious Avon had used Orac to electronically stuff the ballot boxes in return for the Klute throwing the chess match with Vila. When Blake saw Avon preening in the lobby, he normally would have kept his mouth shut, but he'd had his foot up on a rail too long to be discreet.

Jenna and Cally had gone off with Chenie to hear an illustrated lecture on 'Sensitive Men: Where They're Most Sensitive' (which turned out to be given by Servalan and used Travis as demonstration model, but Blake didn't find out until too late, and was very upset he'd missed the chance - he blamed it on Avon, who was supposed to keep the programme up to date). He had decided to wait for Docholli to return. As long as Blake kept picking up the tab, Docholli kept telling him all sorts of interesting, behind-the-scenes, stories about his work for the Federation.

So by the time Blake saw Avon with his elbow on Orac and a bowl of ice cream in front of him, when Avon was supposed to be keeping things in order, Blake lost his temper, and the two of them got into a slanging match in public. Actually, Avon didn't say much. He protested a time or two, and then looked very embarrassed as everyone turned to watch. Vila came running up, and had the nerve to try to intervene on Avon's behalf (Vila had obviously got a bellyful of liquid courage along the way) and that just made Blake angrier.

Finally the alcohol went sour on him and Blake stormed off, leaving Avon red-faced and silent. The next day Blake unpacked, put his clothes down the laundry chute (after puzzling over the origins of the purple stains on his goose-turd green vest) and sat down to write a report to Avalon. He glossed over the petty annoyances and remembered all the good parts, which were really quite fine in reminisce.

Then he went to Avon's quarters. Avon opened the door to Blake's signal, and stood in the doorway, silently. Blake held out a brown carrier bag to him. "I bought you something yesterday."

Avon took the package and opened it. He smiled. "A bobble-head Servalan. Totally useless. Thank you. I'll treasure it always."

Blake grinned. "There's a convention in Space City in six months. Shall we go?"

Avon raised his eyebrows as Cally walked past, oblivious to both of them, nose in an oversized, illustrated book entitled 'Rebel Rousing!' She was wearing a pair of florescent green antennae and a t-shirt that read 'Think if you're Auron'.

Avon told Blake, "I wouldn't miss it for the universe."


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