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Written for the Blakes 7 Birthday Buffet Ficathon

"Zelda liked to smash her peas up against the roof of her mouth and then say something to make me look."

Avon nods and takes the bottle from Cally. He has a good gulp and then hands it back. They're both sitting on the floor with their backs against a dirty wall. "Kyle was a great shot with a spitball."

"What's that?" Cally takes the bottle back and has a swig, without bothering to wipe off the top. About an hour back, they'd stopped worrying about germs.

"Chewed up paper. He could get me on the back of the neck from three rows away in class. It wasn't easy not reacting."

"Why didn't you react?" Cally hands Avon the bottle.

"Because he'd get in trouble. He was my brother."

"Oh." Cally nods wisely. "And you felt family loyalty."

Avon nods. "Also, if I'd turned him in, he'd have put liniment in my underpants. Kyle was wonderful for revenge." Avon lifts the bottle in salute.

"Zelda wasn't. She wouldn't even let me swat a spider that bit her. Her whole arm swelled up and she cried, but she still said to let it live." Cally leans her head against Avon's shoulder. "I don't think we should drink any more."

"Why not?"

"Because they're not coming back."

Avon nods. "Yes, I agree. It's been too long, but that’s all the more reason to finish the bottle."

"I don't want to lose consciousness ahead of time. It would be...surrendering."

"The air won't last much longer." Avon lifts the bottle again, but puts it back down at a reproachful look from Cally. He thinks a moment. "Do you want to have sex?"

Cally thinks about it a moment. "Not with you. No offense."

Avon shakes his head. "None taken." He puts his arms around Cally. "It's getting cold. I don't think we'll have to worry about the air."

"That's good. Suffocation is ugly."

"Hypothermia is much better," Avon agrees. "How did you want to die?"

"I hadn't quite decided. In battle, taking my enemy down, would have been good, though."

"I'd rather fancied it in bed, at an outrageous age, with a beautiful lover."

"That seems unfair on the lover."

"I've never been very fair."

Cally nods. "Still, this way isn't too bad." Cally leans more heavily against Avon. "I'm glad to have a friend at my side."

Avon closes his eyes. "Yes. This way isn't too bad."

(I used the prompt #19. Cally and Avon talk about personal things after getting drunk on homemade wine on an abandoned mining asteroid.)


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