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(there is explicit het, but it's a tiny, tiny part)

They staked Avon out in the sand. This struck Soolin as odd for a number of reasons. She was willing to assume it was meant as torture, but there weren't any large animals or birds, or even insects, to torment him. They didn't draw knives and gloat about cutting him up. They didn't even secure him properly-- I mean, short stakes in loose sand, and only tied to his wrists? And why did they hunt around for a slope to do it? Maybe they meant the sun to kill him, but they'd have to sit there and suffer in the heat, too, because he could pull the stakes out, given half a minute to himself.

Since she'd claimed to be Zukan's daughter, she couldn't very well ask them to explain something that seemed obvious to them- Zeeona would have known what they were about. She edged back and waited her moment.

Then they took off Avon's boots and unzipped his jumpsuit. When the zipper reached the end, one of them finally did draw a knife, to continue cutting the fabric. The men lined up and unzipped themselves and began stroking their own cocks. Avon bared his teeth in defiance.

Soolin dropped her hand away from her gun. This might be entertaining.

Several men grabbed Avon's legs and pushed them back, staking his ankles to the sand, rendering his arse comfortably accessible. One of the men approached Soolin, bowed, and offered her a folding chair made of soft fabric over a wooden frame. She accepted and arranged the chair so she could watch Avon's face. At this point she still hadn't decided whether she'd risk her neck once more to save him.

She certainly wouldn't do it to save his pretty arse. She smiled as his eyes met hers, and he glared at her.

They were quite well organized, Soolin noticed. They rolled a thick pad over the sand, giving them a place to kneel without getting sand in any personal orifices. They even produced several flasks of thick, yellow-green oil. When they opened them, Soolin identified the scent of a powerful aphrodisiac. One that Dorian liked to use. She wrinkled her nose. Better Avon than her. She and the others had often commented that Avon ought to have something shoved up his arse.

One of the men offered her a stasimos filled with fruit juice. She smiled, nodded, and sipped as the first man (determined by dice roll) entered Avon. Avon's eyes slitted, and his nostrils flared. Beyond that, he took no notice of the rape.

The fruit juice was pineapple-orange. Soolin savored it. You don't get good stuff like this on Xenon, she thought.

The first man came quickly. He seemed disappointed, but got to his feet quickly, and laid a small metal object on the pad before giving way to the next man in line.

Soolin couldn't make out what the object was. Small and round. Possibly a coin? It seemed almost a ritual. Something about the perpetual daylight on this planet drove men mad, Soolin decided. Zeeona seemed sane enough, except for her preference for Tarrant. Soolin shifted and let her fingers lazily stroke her crotch through her jumpsuit. She was getting nicely wet, watching the second man pump heavily into Avon. He was quite large, she'd noticed.

She licked her lips. She was mildly surprised that Avon was taking it this well. She owed Dayna ten credits. He was obviously no virgin. Probably had been screwed regular by Blake. She wondered how big Blake was.

By the time the fourth man finished fucking Avon, Soolin had unzipped her jumpsuit all the way and was rubbing her clit at just the right spot and tempo to keep the orgasms coming. No one noticed her; all attention was on Avon, who was fully aroused, but still stone-faced.

She'd learned in a hard school how to come silently, with no more than a soft in-drawn breath. Her gun was steady in her other hand, throughout.

She could probably have blasted hell out of most of Avon's captors in an instant, but she was having far too much fun to cut it short. She could always kill them once they finished with the rape and went on to the execution.

Twenty-seven she counted to herself as another ripple of pleasure went down her spine. It's a pity I haven't a vid on me. This would go great the next time Dayna and I have a girls' night. There weren't too many more men to go. Once they were all sated, they'd be easy prey and she could help Avon limp off to Scorpio.

Then a shuttle landed and a half-dozen orange, blue, green and purple-haired men emerged. Oh, fuck.

The newcomers joined the end of the line for Avon. Soolin noticed he was beginning to look slightly panicky, but in a moment, his face went stony again. The odds were suddenly not really acceptable. Soolin eyed the shuttle. She could sneak in and take off. After all, Avon hadn't paid her one thin credit in months.

Then again... the fifth man took his place, sliding into Avon with ease. Well, hell, she always liked living dangerously. And she was mildly curious by this time to know how many men Avon could take without whimpering.

They were actually fairly considerate for rapists, she thought, no blows or biting or cursing. Each one took the time to oil himself, even though Avon's arse was now wide open and slick with semen and oil. Of course, it actually made it harder for Avon to keep control, with each additional dose of aphrodisiac. She admired Avon's cock. For a man of his age, it was remarkable how long he'd been able to keep it up, even with the drug and all the stimulation on his prostate. And he was a good size, too. Not a monster, but definitely enough to scratch where it itches on anyone.

She really ought to try to save him. It's sinful to waste natural resources. She fingered her clit. Well, a little longer... She masturbated vigorously as she watched the show continue. Damn, but Avon's pretty when he's in pain.

Soolin lost count of her orgasms by the time the last man knelt between Avon's trembling legs. His hair was fire-orange; his ridiculously huge cock matched-- she didn't really want to know how that was accomplished. That would be a lot of tattoo ink. Even with Avon at full stretch, the man had to work to fit inside. Avon's eyes closed, and his fists clenched once fire-hair's heavy balls rested against Avon's arse.

This is really, really, good. Soolin reluctantly stopped playing with herself and prepared to act at the best moment. They were all watching fire-hair fuck Avon, at first slowly, and then pounding him unmercifully. Avon was pushed back against his bonds, shoved deep into the sand, and still he was silent, bar the heavy panting breath forced on him by the weight of the man on and in him.

Soolin got to her feet and began casually moving towards the shuttle. No, actually, she tried, but she stumbled, getting out of the chair. Before she could get to her feet, purple and blue had her by the arms. They were grimly excited, and dragged her to the front of the small crowd, for a better view.

Fire-hair rammed in, and strained as if he wanted to rip Avon in half. He shouted something Soolin couldn't make out, and then pulled his wet cock out of Avon and threw another metal disk to the pad.

All the men began dancing and cheering. The ones who had been wearing trooper helmets tore them off and threw them away, revealing brightly colored hair. Four others went to Avon and cut him loose and pulled him to his feet, laughing and patting him on the back.

Then they tied Soolin down in Avon's place, stripping her jumpsuit and spreading her legs wide. "STOP! I am Zeeona, Zukan's daughter!" She really hoped no one would call her bluff.

Fire-hair knelt beside her and smiled. "Yes, we know. The man was Zukan's rival and you brought him to us for the testing. He took more men than Zukan ever managed, so he is our new leader. As Zukan's eldest daughter, you are now his, and will bear his children."

Avon looked expressionlessly at Soolin for a moment, and then he smiled. He took off his tattered jumpsuit and knelt between her legs. His heavily swollen cock was jerking so wildly he had to take it in hand to guide it between her legs.

Soolin rolled her eyes. Stupid native customs. Then she moaned as Avon entered her and began fucking wildly. Wait a moment... after all that aphrodisiac... I bet he can keep it up for hours! She sighed happily, and hoped she still had some shampoo left to get all the sand out of her hair.

Sequel is 'Mad Dogs'


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