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Zen said, "Information. Transformation is complete." Jenna looked up from the pilot's position. Avon, Blake and Vila had disappeared; in their stead stood three Earth animals. Before she could reach them the animals scattered. The kitten somehow managed to climb up on top of Zen and clung there, spitting and hissing. The puppy ran underneath a console and crouched, wetting the floor as it whined. The piglet squealed, raced between her legs and ran off the flight deck.

"ZEN! What did you do!"

"It was necessary to reset the somatic envelopes in congruence with psychological profiles as a test of the suitability of the crew for this vessel," Zen informed her.

Cally came rushing in, with the piglet held in her arms.

"Well, you can just turn them back!" Jenna demanded.

"To complete the test, it is necessary for the remaining crew to correctly identify the transformed members."

"I am beginning to agree with Avon, Zen is altogether too free-willed," Cally said as she put down the squirming piglet, which grunted and began trying to root around on the deck, bruising its nose and squealing in indignation.

"Avon must be the cat, Blake's the dog and Vila's the pig," Jenna declared.

Zen was silent.


"Knowledge must be earned, it cannot be given. If I am given incorrect information the results will be negative. Do you wish me to proceed given the current parameters?"

"Wait!" Cally said, "What do you mean by negative?"

"Incorrect transformation will result in immediate demise of the subjects."

"No, don't try it yet!" Jenna said hastily. She looked at Cally.

"We'll ask Orac."

Gan came onto the flight deck. "Ask Orac what?" He stopped and blinked. "Jenna. Cally. Why are Blake and the others animals?" He picked up the pig and scratched behind its ears. "Hello, Avon."

Cally and Jenna looked at each other, and then at Gan. "You can tell who they are?" Cally asked.

"Are you sure?" Jenna asked.

Gan blinked slowly. "Why, of course. All you've got to do is look at their eyes." He pointed to the cat. "That's Blake. And the puppy is Vila."

"Correct," Zen said.

Blake yelled and fell off Zen. Vila yelped and crawled out from under the console. Avon snarled and pushed away from Gan's arms.

Gan rubbed his nose. "Well, anyway, I just came up to say that lunch is ready." He looked apologetically at Avon. "I made ham sandwiches."


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