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Remixed (with prior permission) from [ profile] jaxomsride's story here. It's more of a prequel, from another POV. (473 words.)

It wasn't really his (currently male sexuality suited his mood) fault. True, he should have studied the physiology charts more closely, but Zkkk was entering syzygy, and Plll would have been an idiot to give up the opportunity to merge genes with such an attractive individual merely in order to peruse technical specs. By the time they separated they'd arrived at their destination, and there wasn't time to rectify the omission.

He hadn't thought it mattered. There shouldn't be any other living creatures on Star One to confuse the issue. He had remembered that the forms were bilaterally symmetrical and dormant during the dark. So when he'd found this small, bilaterally symmetrical, creature lying still on the bed, he had taken its outer shape, snipping his excess mass to save for later and really being very tidy and quick and quiet about it.

He'd expected praise, but when he walked out of the room, Zkkk stood there in a much larger form, greatly dissimilar to his own. Zkkk had been furious at his mistake, so much so that Zkkk had appropriated Plll's excess mass and refused to allow him to switch forms again until they returned home victorious.

Plll had felt very ill-used, and useless. He had spent most of his time outside the base to avoid the gibes of his successful fellows. He had seen the attackers arrive and tried to warn Zkkk, but his legs were too short. He'd nearly been stumbled over by one of the invaders who had picked him up and stuffed him inside his tunic.

Plll listened helplessly as his captor killed Zkkk and destroyed everything. He swore vengeance. This creature would learn what it meant to see its love die, to see everything it tried to accomplish turned to ashes.

Night after night, Plll whispered into his sleeping captor's ear soul-destroying, confidence-eroding, paranoia-inducing, hypno-wooze. No one ever saw him but his captor. No one ever knew how he gloated when his captor began to go insane.

He probably should have kept silent when the other creature entered his captor's quarters, but it was the one whose influence he'd had to fight the most often, the one that his captor liked, the one he clung to for the release of humour, and the comfort of friendship. The biggest impediment to his plans, in other words. Plll snarled, "Vila! Get out now!" using his captor's voice, and was gratified to see the way the creature leapt and fled in panic.

Almost immediately Plll regretted his action. According to Avon, Vila wasn't the type to think logically, but he might eventually discover Plll's true nature. Plll would have to concentrate on convincing Avon to kill Vila. He lay down and folded his fuzzy paws over his plump furry stomach and closed his shoe-button eyes to consider ways and means.


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