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"The dragons are in the cabbages again, I see," Nanny Ogg commented.

Granny Weatherwax grunted and continued picking up lumps of carbonized cabbages from the scorched earth. "When was the last time you seen a dragon in these parts?"

Nanny Ogg thought a moment. "Never."

"Then why do you say, 'again'."

"Well, last time it was the goats, weren't it?" Nanny suggested. "But goats chew, they don't burn."

Granny turned that over in her mind and grudgingly agreed that Nanny had a point. "Tweren't goats, nor dragons, either. Just a man with a funny sort o' fire stick."

"A man burned up your cabbages?" Nanny Ogg looked around for the fresh earth of a grave.

"He thought he'd scare me into doing him a favor."

Nanny Ogg blinked. "Frighten you with a bit of fire? Not from around these parts then, was he?"

"No, I reckon not." Granny straightened as a loud yowl came from the vicinity of her cottage. "Best you keep Greebo away from my cat."

"Cat?" Nanny was startled. "I thought you didn't want a cat."

Granny sniffed a half-burnt cabbage thoughtfully. "Don't. Got one anyway." She tossed the half-burnt cabbage into a pail for the goats.

Greebo streaked past the two witches, heading for home. Nanny followed his flight backwards to see Granny's cat sitting in front of the cabin. It was half the size of Greebo; a mostly black moggy with oddly regular white markings. The nose seemed a trifle long for your average witch-moggy. The long-nosed head turned towards her and Nanny could see in its eyes why Greebo had run. "Well. Well... it's... a healthy looking thing, anyway. What do you call him?"

Granny considered the question a moment and then she said, "Dragon."
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