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(I picked up a Mac desktop 'magnetic words' widget, and used it to make prose-poems)

Vaguely slashy widget poem
Shakespearean Dorian
Post Star One

Vaguely slashy widget poem

Mast-high he came
chased south by ice
bends forward his head
and merrily the helmsman steered

We recounted the floating number
And one of us drifts bloody
through three drop to one wet eye
for fear is widow's first

The waves terrify them and the princes burns within
And sea came gently rapping
in you always first
And so did I


Ancient martydom demonstration
with the fury of war monks
Stop the wild with the will
for he will be near to treacherous friends

Saintly survivor to his bastard
drink the seated Hercules
Monster sudden increased mountain
Fierce inundated become expensive flood

Who first quarrels in the wax portal
wronged the new fallen cripple
Sudden war deeds will be consoled
He recovers his one shining eclipse
masters his war and by no battle
come near peace


With the fury of slaughtered daughters
The fairest desire midnight creatures
In his dreary house I pondered forgiveness
but none while the executor lives
He and I capture the weak to eat
Truly I be bride food
to King midnight

Shakespearean Dorian Widget poem

Despite time thou be fairest
Thy golden beauty evident
And unfair
This creatures wrinkles increase

Yet though still new made
We were happier mortal

But thou dost desire new from old
when times being ask'd lies
Then none lovest thou
Post Star One widget Prose-poem

Famine came after the war
South wind tapping good earth
Dark flood suddenly sprung
Look there is peace
The world nodded
and a breast beat no more

Tarrant Widget Prose-poem

Fair thunder-fit wings o'ertaking pursuit
Aye, look up Lyons
Murder in high places
will be stopp'st

Extinguished faith
brought her offspring change
Star-led too far to trouble
Hopes still guiding his survivor within

Joy struck unguarded at a price
Sinking merry sweet two at play
Before little error become great injury
And anger poorly consoled ice
With every shining sun seen frost-split


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