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written for the Blakes 7 Birthday Buffet Ficathon

I came, Cally. I knew you needed me, and I came.

Cally saw the rubble that had crushed her body, that had killed her, lift and float above. She couldn't help but see it. Her eyes were fixed open. Avon had tried to shut them when he found her, but failed. Whoever you are, you are too late. I am dead.

No, Cally. Not dead. You would have been, but I froze your body in time. It took a great deal of my energy. I had none to spare to explain, to ask your agreement. Something immaterial brushed strands of hair away from her wide-open eyes. I can cure you, Cally.

At what price? I know you now, Thaarn. I will not help you destroy the universe.

You could have killed me, but you didn't. Why did you stay your hand?

Cally wished she could turn her head, close her eyes, ignore the face that moved within her fixed range of sight. There was nothing but sadness within the Thaarn's large eyes. She could not evade, so she chose to answer with the truth. I pitied you, Thaarn, and despite all you had done, I could not bring myself to make you die alone and silent.

Was that all it was, pity? The Thaarn gave a telepathic sigh. What would it take to make you love me, Cally?

Love cannot be forced, Thaarn. It cannot even be earned. If you let me die, I will give you my gratitude.

Another immaterial touch traced the side of her face. Even if you will not have me, I do not wish you to die. I have been alone so very long, Cally. If I heal you, and ask nothing of you that you are not willing to give, will you stay with me?

If you attempt to dominate the universe, I shall fight you.

Yes. I should have seen how important freedom was to you. But I did not know you then, Cally. I promise you, if you will come with me willingly, I will make you my conscience, give you the power to stop me from doing anything you consider immoral. Will that please you, Cally?

Why should I believe you?

I didn't hurt you, Cally. I let you see my heart, Cally.

Cally thought about it. Will you help me fight the Federation?

If you wish. I do not have the resources I once did, but what I have, will be yours.

Yes, then. Cally smiled inside. If you are true to your word, I will be your friend, Thaarn. Perhaps, some day, we could be more.

The Thaarn smiled. Cally's body floated up and began moving through the destroyed base to a thin, watery patch of winter sunshine coming down from the shattered opening above. Sleep, Cally. When you wake, you will be healed, and we will begin our work together.

This was the request:
2. Cally crawls out of the rubble on Terminal and teams up with an unikely ally to destroy the Federation while Avon and co are pratting about antagonising Servalan.


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