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This is the sequel to It's the Little Things

"This is a mouse." Avon held up the scrap of black and white fur he'd snipped from an inconspicuous seam in Cally's coat. He waved it back and forth.

Small bluish-green eyes followed his hand. A tiny bottom wriggled.

"Good. Now when I throw..." Avon let out a yelp and jerked his hand back, laden with clawing kitten. "Not ME, Hunter! The mouse!" Hastily he snatched up a larger scrap of fabric, tan suede from one of Vila's tunics, and waved it under the kitten's nose until it turned on the fresh toy. Avon tossed the suede to the deck and went off to the med-unit to disinfect the scratches.

When he returned a few minutes later, his cabin was suspiciously silent. No scratching in the litter box, no rustling papers on his desk, no clicks as components ricocheted off the walls. "Hunter?" Avon began looking in all the obvious places. No kitten.

"HUNTER!" Avon opened a can of fish and scraped it noisily into a plate. No kitten.

Avon's door announcer buzzed. He pushed the plate to one side and released the door lock, irritably. Vila stood there, shifting from foot to foot, holding his tool kit in his arms.

"You know where the lav is," Avon said. "Don't dawdle in the corridor." He pulled Vila into the room before Hunter could escape into the corridor. The last time the kitten got out, everyone got into the search. It became quite embarrassing.

"We've got to go, Avon!" Vila put his kit down.

Avon raised his eyebrows. "If you need someone to hold your hand in the loo, you're looking in the wrong direction."

"AVON! The mission! Remember?"

"Damn." Avon had forgot. He took a last glance around the room. Well, he'd kitten-proofed the place. Hunter would be safe enough. "All right, just a moment." Avon went over to the desk and got his own tools.

"Want to put them in here?" Vila helpfully opened his tool kit.

"No, thanks, we might become separated." Avon glanced at Vila. "Come help me find my number 12 probe."

Vila came over and discovered the probe on the floor. Since Avon had got a kitten, his belongings had a tendency to stray. He handed it to Avon without comment, and they left.

Blake was annoyed at the delay. Avon snapped at him. Vila cringed, Gan tried to pacify them, and in general everyone was in a bad mood, which wasn't improved when Servalan showed up with her mutoids just as the rebels were completing their mission.

"Well, now, it seems I have you right where I want you," Servalan purred, tossing the long white feather boa over one shoulder as she gloated and smiled at Blake. Blake glared back at her.

Servalan let out a blood-curdling scream and jumped a foot in the air, clawing at the boa around her throat, finally flinging it off of her. Her mutoids were distracted. Avon and Blake shot all the mutoids. Gan caught a screeching furry missile tangled up with the boa, and Vila had the presence of mind to grab his kit, containing the secret item they'd gone after, and shout, "TELEPORT NOOOWWW!"

The four men appeared in the teleport, breathing heavily and wild-eyed. Gan dropped the boa. Hunter took off down the corridor, fur fluffed in a black and white blur. "HUNTER!" Avon shouted and ran after the cat, after pausing to drop his gun on the teleport console.

Everyone looked at each other. Vila said, "You know, I think I could get to like that cat."

(P.S. In case you wondered where Hunter was, he'd been in one of Avon's boots next to the bed, and then hid in Vila's kit during a few seconds it was open and unwatched.)


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